Heartland Propane

Delivered to neighbors, by neighbors.

A Heartland Propane truck is parked on a snowy driveway next to a waving American flag.

Heartland Propane, a wholly owned subsidiary of Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative, is the largest locally owned propane supplier in the area, with seven distribution hubs throughout eastern Kansas. We treat you like our neighbor because you are our neighbor.

What makes Heartland Propane different?

24/7 Service

With a live customer service representative available by phone 24/7, 365 days a year, the level of support Heartland Propane customers receive is unmatched in the industry. The same great staff members who help with electric needs also help with propane. And customers on auto-fill plans can even receive deliveries on nights and weekends from on-call drivers.

Locked-In Pricing

Heartland Propane works hard to protect customers from spikes in propane prices. The Guaranteed Comfort plan provides a yearly cap on the per-gallon price of propane, while pre-buy customers know exactly how much they’ll pay for their entire year’s supply.

Focus On Flexibility

Heartland Propane offers a variety of service plans to meet customers’ diverse needs, and also offers a variety of ways to pay. The SmartPay plan, available to established customers, allows you to spread the cost of your yearly propane bill across 12 months.

Mention you’re a member of Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative and get $50 off your first fill! 

Heartland Propane is not available in all of the areas served by Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative. Learn more at the Heartland Propane website linked below.