Our Cooperative

Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative provides power to more than 11,000 locations across eastern Kansas.

2 linemen smiling in bucket trucks

  • Our members are located in parts of 12 different counties in Southeast Kansas
  • The cooperative installs and maintains its electric system in its single-certified territory established by Kansas law and overseen by the Kansas Corporation Commission
  • Heartland is not under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Corporation Commission, its members having voted to remove themselves from such jurisdiction

Where We Are Located

  • The main office is located in Girard, Kansas
  • All administrative and billing functions are conducted at this location, along with engineering, construction, and maintenance activities
  • Area offices are maintained in Gas and Mound City
  • A warehouse with full construction and maintenance activities operates at each area office

Board of Directors

  • A Board of Directors governs the cooperative
  • The cooperative is divided into 4 director districts with 2 directors elected from each district
  • These 8 directors are resident members of the cooperative
  • Directors are elected by the membership of their respective districts
  • Directors may be nominated by petition in accordance with the cooperative bylaws

Restated Mortgage & Security Agreement

  • Heartland is party to a Restated Mortgage and Security Agreement, dated as of July 1, 2003, with Rural Utilities Service and National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
  • All properties of Heartland (real, personal, and mixed) are subject to the lien of this mortgage
  • The mortgage contains provisions that govern many aspects of operation and performance of the cooperative

Management Staff

  • CEO – Mark Scheibe, P.E.
  • Director of Finance – Larissa Bowman
  • Director of Operations – Dan Avery
  • Engineering Manager – Tony Washington
  • Technology and Integration Manager – Louie Weimer
  • Communication Specialist – Doug Graham

Rules & Regulations

Topics included are:

  • Details about memberships and the different types of service available
  • Heartland’s policy on deposits and credits
  • Billing procedures and payment policies
  • Disconnection and reconnection policies
  • Right-of-way and easement rules
  • Regulations on Heartland and member obligations in service
  • Other legal regulations