Our History

Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. was incorporated December 9, 1996, as a result of a consolidation of United Electric Cooperative, Inc. and Sekan Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. The consolidation officially occurred January 1, 1997. The cooperative is organized as a cooperative, non-profit, membership corporation under Chapter 17, Article 46 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.

Heartland provides electric service to its members, which are located in parts of 12 different counties in Southeast Kansas. The cooperative installs and maintains its electric system in its single-certified territory established by Kansas law and overseen by the Kansas Corporation Commission. Heartland is not under the jurisdiction of the Kansas Corporation Commission, its members having voted to remove themselves from such jurisdiction.

The main office is located in Girard, Kansas. All administrative and billing functions are conducted at this location along with engineering, construction and maintenance activities. Area offices are maintained in Gas and Mound City. A member service representative staffs each area office. A warehouse with full construction and maintenance activities operates at each area office.

A twelve member Board of Directors governs the cooperative. These directors are resident members of the cooperative. The cooperative is divided into four director districts with three directors elected from each district. Directors are elected by the membership of their respective district. Directors may be nominated by petition in accordance with the cooperative bylaws.

Heartland is party to a Restated Mortgage and Security Agreement, dated as of July 1, 2003 with Rural Utilities Service and National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation. All properties of Heartland (real, personal, and mixed) are subject to the lien of this mortgage. The mortgage contains provisions that govern many aspects of operation and performance of the cooperative.

The Former Cooperatives

United Electric Cooperative, Inc., headquartered in Iola, Kansas, was formed on September 1, 1975, when Sugar Valley Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. of Mound City, Kansas merged with Cooperative Electric Power and Light Company, Inc. of Iola, Kansas. Sekan, headquartered in Girard, Kansas, merged with United in 1996 to form Heartland.

Dates of Incorporation:

Sugar Valley Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. - June 5, 1940
Cooperative Electric Power & Light Company, Inc. - April 16, 1937
Sekan Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. - April 19, 1939