New Locations

If you need electric service for a new location (new homes, new oil and gas wells, and previously unserved lake lots would all be examples of this) then Heartland will need to get some construction done before we can turn on your power.

This "Application for Service" form will collect all the information we need to get started on getting power to your location. When you submit this completed form to our office, (along with the $250 engineering deposit) we will make arrangements to come meet you at your property and work together to build the service to best serve your needs. Depending on how much work is required, and depending on your plans for the property, you may need to pay for some of the construction costs.

When the construction work is done, you just need to become a member and Heartland will get the power turned on.

For more information, call our office.

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Application for Service (residential).pdf 209.78 KB
Application for Service (business).pdf 208.46 KB
Heartland's Guide for New Construction.pdf 241.97 KB
Right-Of-Way guide.pdf 235.82 KB