New Members

Welcome to Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative.

Becoming a member of the local electric cooperative is required by the Bylaws and Rules of every member-owned coooperative in the Country. In 1936, when the U.S. Government encouraged local citizens to band together and create their own electric cooperative, those citizens started by adopting their own Bylaws and Rules. Under the cooperative form of business, the co-op could borrow the funds necessary to build and maintain its own electric distribution system. Every member shares equally in ownership and controls their electric cooperative, while the cooperative operates in the best interest of its members. Almost twenty-years later, during the early 1950's, telephone service was provided to rural areas of America using the same cooperative membership structure. Today, there are approximately 1,000 member-owned electric cooperatives and membership is the reason for its continued success.

Contact Heartland REC for personal assistance, or fill-in the on-line membership application and mail it with a $5 membership fee to: Heartland REC P.O. Box 40 110 North Enterprise Dr. Girard, KS 66743 After mailing the application, contact Heartland at 1-800-835-9586 for personal assistance in processing your application.

Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative is owned by the members. Because of that, taking care of those who use our power is our top priority. We don’t answer to investors or distant stockholders.

Neighbors joined together back in the 1930s to start America’s electric cooperatives. Because of that, Heartland REC remains committed to the betterment of local communities. Heartland members make their voice heard through the annual election of members of the Board of Directors, and by attending the annual Meeting of the Members.