Prepaid Plan

Heartland’s prepaid energy option gives members direct control of their power use and bill. The plan allows members to “pay-as-you-go” on their electricity, paying as much and as often as they like. As the name implies, Heartland members will pay for energy use in advance. Benefits include:

  • No deposits
  • No credit check
  • No late fees
  • No collection or cutoff fees
  • No monthly electric bill

The prepaid option gives members the ability to control and manage electrical use, and the freedom of flexible payment options. Members enrolled in the program can make small payments every few days, make regular monthly payments, or pay a huge amount when funds are available, and then go for several months without worrying about making another payment. It’s whatever works best for the member. The balance is updated daily, and prepaid members will have several ways to stay on top of their usage, check their balance, and make sure their account doesn’t run out. Members with the prepaid plan must keep a positive balance on their account to avoid having the power turned off.

Heartland’s new SmartHub is the best way for Prepaid members to check their balance and make payments from a smartphone or tablet computer. Heartland members can also go to our web site to check on their balance and make a payment. Another option is to call or visit our office. Heartland’s new automated phone system can update the balance or take phone payments 24-7. Those that want to “pay-as-you-go” can elect to receive notifications from Heartland via text or e-mail when their balance gets low.

There are no additional costs or fees associated with the prepaid plan, and those that choose the new option will pay the same electric rate as those with traditional monthly billing. Prepaid accounts make it easy for new members to get power, but current members can switch over to the prepaid option too. Members who switch will have their deposit credited to their prepaid account, and any remaining outstanding balance can be spread out over the initial payments under the prepaid option.