Rent a Security Light

Renting a security light from Heartland Rural Electric Cooperative gives you the peace-of-mind of a dusk-to-dawn light, without the worry of ongoing repair and maintenance costs.  Heartland’s security lights are bright, efficient and affordable. And because you rent the lights from your cooperative, all repairs and maintenance are covered by Heartland at no charge.
There is no installation fee to add a security light on an existing Heartland pole, such as the one your electric meter is mounted to. If you need a new pole set for a security light elsewhere on your property, then there would be a charge for the new pole.
The monthly security light rental fee will be added to your electric bill. The small amount of electricity used by the light will be part of your monthly kilowatt hour usage, just like any other light in your home.
 Heartland installs efficient high-pressure sodium lights, which give off a bright, warm light. The fixture, pictured above, gives off light in all directions. These HPS bulbs are replacing the old mercury-vapor lights, which are being phased out across the country due to efficiency concerns and their mercury content.
The biggest advantage of HPS lights is their efficient use of electricity. While a standard 100 Watt incandescent light bulb gives off 1042 lumens, the 100 Watt HPS fixture gives off 9500 lumens. This makes them ideal street lights and yard lights in rural areas.
A new item being offered by Heartland is a 400 Watt metal halide floodlight. Unlike the standard HPS fixture which lights up a wide area, our metal halide floodlight is more focused and directional. It is well suited to lighting up the side of a commercial building, parking lot or business property.

Lamp lease price light output typical kwh cost
100 W HPS $4.05 per month 9500 lumens $4 per month
150 W HPS $5.56 per month 15,000 lumens $6 per month
400 W MH $8.56 per month 36,000 lumens $16 per month

For additional information about any of our security lights for your home or business, call our office at 620-724-8251,