Scholarships offered for area line school students

Heartland Electric is committed to encouraging men and women to consider career opportunities in the electric utility industry, especially in cooperatives. Careers with an electric cooperative make it possible for people to live, work and raise their families in rural America communities.
Electric lines and facilities are maintained, replaced and expanded at an ever-increasing rate. This development creates a strong need for highly trained, qualified workers. Many experienced line workers are reaching retirement age, creating a need for new apprentices who can look forward to a challenging and rewarding career with excellent advancement opportunities.
Linemen training programs fill up quickly. It’s never too early to begin the application process. Heartland’s Lineman Scholarship is designed to help qualified individuals become trained apprentice linemen.

The Heartland Linemen Scholarship program is intended to send individuals to an accredited line worker training program to learn basics of line work, and for the individual to become an apprentice line worker. An apprentice lineman must have 8000 hours (4 years) of actual supervised work experienced and pass a series of exams during the apprenticeship before becoming a journeyman line worker. Some hours from training programs may be credited to an individual’s apprenticeship.

Heartland REC Lineman Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who are residents of one of the 11 counties (Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, Crawford, Cherokee, Labette, Linn, Miami, Neosho, Wilson, Woodson) served by the cooperative. Applicants must attend an approved lineman training program as a full-time student. Scholarships are a onetime scholarship in the amount of $500, and will be awarded to two individuals on an annual basis.

Click the link below to download the application form.

Scholarship Application