Transfer Switch

Investing in a generator transfer switch is the best way to provide emergency power to your property. With a transfer switch, extension cords are not needed since power is provided to the existing outlets. A transfer switch also provides safety to your family and Heartland’s linemen by disconnecting your wiring from the power grid. Heartland offers two types of transfer switches.


Generlink Transfer Switch

  • Leased (Billed Monthly)
  • Installed quickly behind the meter
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Power automatically rerouted


Lease Price

Cord Purchase

Generlink 30 (up to 7,200 watts)

$7.95 per month

$141.75 (20/30 amp)

Generlink 40 (up to 9,600 watts)

$8.95 per month

$157.50 (50 amp cord)

Generlink Transfer Switches install behind the Heartland meter and connect directly to your generator’s 120/240-volt receptacle.

When the generator is started, the Generlink automatically routes power into your home, which you can direct though the use of your home’s existing circuit breakers. Lights on the Generlink will tell you when Heartland restores power. When you turn off your generator, the Generlink will automatically restore full power to your home.

Because the Generlink is installed at the meter, it is owned by Heartland and leased to Heartland members. The connecting cord must be purchased by Heartland members.






Meter Base Transfer Switch

  • One-time charge (payments up to 12 months allowed)
  • A service upgrade – the new meter base transfer switch replaces the current meter base
  • Member switches two breakers to route power



Cord Purchase (10ft)

1 - 100 amp with 30 amp receptacle


$145.77 (20/30 amp cord)

2 - 100 amp with 50 amp receptacle


$226.90 (50 amp cord)

3 - 200 amp with 30 amp receptacle


$145.77 (20/30 amp cord)

4 - 200 amp with 50 amp receptacle


$226.90 (50 amp cord)

A member’s existing meter base can be replaced with a meter base transfer switch that includes the required breakers and switch to allow a generator to be connected.

A cord runs from the meter base transfer switch to the generator. To use a generator, open the panel, switch off one set of breakers, then switch on a second set of breakers.

The meter base transfer switch is considered a service upgrade, with the cost paid upon installation or in installments of up to 12 months. Members purchase the connecting cord at the time of the transfer switch installation. Like a standard meter base, the meter base transfer switch will be owned and maintained by Heartland REC for its life.



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