If you do not currently use SmartHub

PaperlessBilling Tutorial Video for New SmartHub Users

Written Instructions

  1. Click the link labeled "New User? Register to use SmartHub!" under the SmartHub login fields at the top of any page on the Heartland website.
    Screenshot of SmartHub new user registration
  2. Enter your billing account number, last name or business, and your email address in the SmartHub registration form and click "Submit". You can find your billing account number on your paper statement. This is the only time you will need to enter this number to use SmartHub.
  3. You will receive an email from SmartHub containing a temporary password. Follow the instructions to log in.
  4. Start by changing your password. Click "My Profile" in the menu bar.
    Screenshot of "my profile" in the SmartHub menu
  5. Enter the temporary password you received via email in the field labeled "Current Password", and then enter your desired password in the fields below. Click update when you are done.
    Screenshot of SmartHub update password interface
  6. Now it's time to update your paperless settings. On the same "My Profile" page, click "Update My Paperless Settings" in the menu on the left
    Screenshot of SmartHub interface
  7. Click on the slider labeled "Paperless" to turn it on.
    Screenshot of SmartHub "paperless" settings
  8. Click "Yes" to confirm paperless billing
    Screenshot of SmartHub "paperless" confirmation message