HREC Board

Can members attend board meetings?

The Heartland REC Board of Directors provides strategic direction for the cooperative and sets policies for staff to follow consistently when carrying out their mission of powering rural lifestyles. For this reason, most issues raised by members are best addressed through discussions with cooperative staff members or the CEO. However, board policy does allow for member attendance at meetings under certain circumstances, such as matters related to policy.

The Heartland REC Board of Directors typically meets the fourth Monday of each month. Per board policy, Heartland members or others who would like to attend a meeting or appear before the Heartland board must submit a written request to the CEO at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which they'd like to appear. The request must contain a short statement regarding what they'd like to present or discuss with the board, as well as the reason for the request. The CEO will then reach out to the person making the request to see if the matter can be resolved without board involvement before involving the board.