SmartHub Member Portal Guide

Take control of your power use and enjoy customized notifications with Heartland’s SmartHub member portal.

You can access SmartHub on your computer through the “Pay Bill Button” at the top of our website or the login box on our homepage.

All you need to get started is your account number.

SmartHub makes it easy to pay your bill, and monitor your power use.

SmartHub Portal

Your home’s electric use shouldn’t be a mystery. And your electric bill should never be a surprise. Today’s technology gives you the information you need to be in control of your home’s energy use. Heartland’s SmartHub portal is your tool to access that information.

You can access SmartHub 2 ways:

The first is to use your computer to login to our SmartHub site.

The login to SmartHub is completely secure.

Another option is to download the SmartHub app for your phone or tablet.

Using the app gives you convenient access to your account from anywhere at any time.

Many of our members find that using the app is an easy way to notify Heartland of a power outage, and then to receive notifications of outage restoration efforts.

SmartHub App

SmartHub is also available as a downloadable app for iPhone and Android:

Apple/iOS users:

Download from the App Store

Android users:

Download from the Google Play Store

What SmartHub Can Do For You

Get the Scoop on Your Power Use

SmartHub takes the mystery out of your electric meter. Have you ever wondered “How did I use all that electricity last month?”

  • Monthly, daily and even hourly charts show your electric use so that you can see when and how electricity is being used
  • Temperature data is also shown, making it easy to see how weather drives utility consumption for many of us

Access Your Account Whenever It’s Convenient for You

  • Internet access to SmartHub means you can get access to your account from your computer at home or work
  • Download the app for your smartphone and you’ve got access from anywhere!

Report a Power Outage

Wondering if Heartland knows you’re out of power?

  • Access your account through SmartHub and find out!
  • If the cooperative is unaware of your outage, a quick button press notifies crews about your outage

SmartHub Notifications Keep You Informed

A variety of notifications are available for Heartland members through SmartHub

  • Heartland members can choose to be alerted via text message or email when bills are due, when payments are late, or even when outages happen and are restored
  • You can also use SmartHub to see Heartland’s Twitter and Facebook feeds to stay current on the latest news

Outage Notification Video

Watch the following video to learn how to enable outage notifications.