Prize Winners Announced

We're pleased to announce that 21 of the Heartland consumer-members who attended the annual meeting on Tuesday have been selected at random for cash prizes or additional bill credits!

Check the list below to see if you're one of the lucky winners.

$100 cash (checks will be mailed to the billing address):

  • Doris Locati
  • Johnny J. Gillham
  • Jerry Henson

$50 bill credit from KEPCo (applied to the April bill):

  • Monta Saker
  • Edgar Vonsoosten
  • Chad Williams

$50 bill credit from KSI Engineering (applied to the April bill):

  • John L. Potocnik

$50 cash (checks will be mailed to the billing address):

  • Wilber K. Buntin
  • Charles D. Kruse
  • Larry E. Zornes
  • Philip Westhoff
  • Don Blair
  • Richard West
  • Rick Smith
  • Steven J. Hibdon
  • Virgil K. Ray
  • Kenneth J. Kirkpatrick
  • Judith Howard
  • John Young
  • Jason R. Love
  • Amos Leonard

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Member Service Representatives at (800) 835-9586.