Outage Information

During an Outage

Follow these steps during a power outage:

Stay Safe During an Outage

During an outage, it is important to follow any instructions you get from state and local officials. But also, follow your instincts – If it’s still stormy and dark, stay inside – If it looks dangerous, steer clear!

Downed Power Lines

Your Power Outage Pantry

We do our best to avoid power outages, but unfortunately, Mother Nature occasionally has different plans. Stay ahead of the storm by stocking your pantry with a variety of non-perishable items including:

Canned fruit
Canned tuna
Graham crackers
Canned vegetables
Dried fruits
Dried meats/jerky

Storm Response Efforts

In the event of a storm, our crews go to work immediately, keeping in mind that their safety comes first.

1. The first step is to restore power to as many people as possible

We do this by first restoring power to transmission lines and substations

2. Next, our crews work on restoring power along main circuit lines.

In rural areas, these lines stretch for miles along roads into rural areas and across fields

3. Taps that lead off the main circuit lines are repaired next, and, finally, crews repair individual service lines to homes.

Our Employees

Heartland employees and our after-hour call center are available to provide dispatching that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All employees are utilized during crisis situations.

Mutual Aid

We have agreements in place with other Kansas utilities, cooperatives and contractors for mutual assistance in times of crisis.

Manpower and materials are transferred rapidly to our area when needed.


All employees work long hours during large outages and they too, want power restored as quickly as possible.

Safety and well-being is a concern for our employees.

Laws necessitate and regulate that employees get regular sleep and meals during major outage operations.