Appliance Rebates

Heartland offers rebates for the purchase and installation of electric water heaters, air source heat pumps, and ground source heat pumps. Efficient electric appliances are the best way to heat your home and heat your water.

Our rebates help you get the best equipment available.

From time to time, Heartland adjusts the rebate efficiency qualifications in order to complement changes in efficiency standards established by the federal government or by Energy Star.

Air Source Heat Pump Rebates

Air Source Heat Pumps must meet or exceed current Energy Star Standards.

Rebate amounts for air-source heat pumps are:
$50 per half-ton 14.5 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) 14.3 SEER2
$75 per half-ton 16 SEER 15.2 SEER2
$100 per half-ton 17 SEER 16 SEER2

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate

Ground source heat pumps must be at least 2 tons and meet or exceed current Energy Star Standards. Heartland REC rebate amounts for ground-source heat pumps are $150 per ½ ton.

Electric Water Heater Benefits

Electric water heaters offer a simple, safe, and efficient solution to heat water.

Electric Water Heater Rebates


Rebate amount for most electric water heaters


Rebate amount for electric water heaters that come with a lifetime warranty (Marathon brand water heaters with fiberglass tanks)

Rebate Process

The first step is installation of the qualifying appliance

Feel free to check with Heartland beforehand if you have questions about whether a certain appliance would qualify

Call us at (800) 835-9586 or email us to let us know that installation is complete

We’ll send a Member Service Technician to verify proper installation. Then we’ll fill out the paperwork and send you a check for the rebate amount.