Alternate Billing Options

Level Pay Billing

  • Seasonal highs and lows can sometimes be a challenge for the family budget
  • Heartland’s level pay program smooths out the highs and lows, averaging out your monthly bill so that you don’t get a surprise at the end of the month
  • Payments on this program are based on a 12-month rolling average
  • To get started with Level Pay, call us at (800) 835-9586

Prepaid Billing

Request Prepaid Service
  • Heartland’s prepaid energy option gives members direct control of their power use and bill
  • The plan allows members to “pay-as-you-go” on their electricity, paying as much and as often as they like
  • As the name implies, Heartland members will pay for energy use in advance

Prepaid benefits include:

  • No deposits
  • No credit check
  • No late fees
  • No collection or cutoff fees
  • No monthly electric bill

How Does Prepaid Service Work?

  • With a prepaid account, you pay in advance for your electric usage
  • There is no difference in the rate you pay
  • You start your account by paying a minimum of $25 to establish funds in your account
  • If you already have an account with Heartland, any deposit on your account can be applied to your prepaid account
  • Each day we charge your account for the prior day’s usage and charges, reducing the funds in your account
  • You can pay as little or as much as you choose, as often as you choose
  • All you need to do is make sure you always have funds in your account
  • Because the level of funds in your account changes every day, no paper bill will be sent

Checking Your Balance & Paying Your Bill

Members can get their account balance and pay their bill through the following:

  • On-line through SmartHub, 24 hours a day
  • SmartHub app on your smartphone
  • By phone at (888) 999-5517, 24 hours a day
  • By contacting our office at (800) 835-9586 during business hours

Payments can also be made by:

  • Mailing payment to our office at PO Box 40, Girard, KS 66743 (Not recommended due to unpredictability of mail delivery dates)
  • Drop boxes in Girard, Mound City, and Iola (See locations on our Contact Us page)

Please note that payments left in deposit boxes might not be applied to your account until the morning of the next business day.

Prepaid Service Frequently Asked Questions

What if I let my funds run out?

On the morning that your funds run out, you qualify to be disconnected. Disconnections will occur around 11 a.m. that day. No disconnections will occur on weekends or holidays. A disconnected account will be reconnected automatically once a payment is made that is sufficient to place funds back in the account. We recommend paying online or through our automated phone system for the fastest reconnection 24 hours a day. You can also pay in person at one of our offices during office hours. Payments made to our night drop boxes will not be posted until the morning of the next working day, so the reconnection would not occur until that time.

Can I be notified when my balance is low?

The member can sign up to receive email or text notifications when their balance is getting low by going to the SmartHub section of our website, registering their account, and clicking on Notifications. These notifications are a courtesy, and we cannot guarantee they will be received by the member. The member is ultimately responsible to check their balance and make sufficient payments to avoid being disconnected.

What if I want to return to a regular billed account?

You can switch back at any time. You may be required to pay a deposit, depending on your past payment history at Heartland and/or results of a credit report. Any funds in your account will remain a credit under traditional billing until your next bill is created.

How can I switch to prepaid service?
  • Complete and submit the Prepaid Service Election Form
  • Sign up for email and/or text notifications through SmartHub on our website
  • Use SmartHub to view your account balance and usage history
  • We recommend keeping at least a week’s worth of billing in your account at all times to avoid disconnection

Payment Arrangements & Assistance

  • Bills are considered past due if payment is not received by close of business on the due date shown on your bill
  • Past due bills will incur a 5% penalty
  • Service will be subject to disconnection 10 days after the account becomes past due
  • If you are struggling to pay your bill, please call us at (800) 835-9586
  • We can work with you to make pay arrangements or refer you to organizations that provide assistance
  • We always try to assist members when we can, but certain conditions do apply